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The idea started, as such things often do, over a cup of coffee.  While enjoying the morning at their favorite coffee shop in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, Sabina and Tahir decided to mix New York City & Bosnia, with the goal to create something never done before.  Both Bosnians, they were forced to leave their country and hometowns during the war in the 1990’s.  20 plus years later, after meeting in Switzerland, getting married in Sarajevo, and settling in New York, it was time to use their global business skills and life experiences to bring opportunity back to their native Bosnia.  Sabina would be the “creative mind”, and Tahir would help with “business things”.  A few weeks later, Sabina drew the first sketches, conversations started with suppliers and manufacturing partners in Bosnia, and INTUITIVA was born.

Fast forward 6 years, INTUITIVA is built on the foundation of sustainability, fair trade and ethical treatment of employees and all partners.  With teams located on both sides of the Atlantic, INTUITIVA blends New York style and Bosnian craftsmanship, focusing only on natural materials, many of which until recently have been byproducts of other industries.  We insource whenever possible, producing all of our shoes in-house and know by first name our suppliers and manufacturing partners, as well as many of their production employees.  We are proud to bridge cultures, religions, and languages, bring local traditions and flavors to the world and create quality employment opportunities.

INTUITIVA - Bosnian made, designed in New York


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